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Old Euro News!
No K05, K06, K07 or German 6 digits toys since Summer 2004.
Welcome "Kinder Magic" toys!

Fast Status for Canada:
2017:  Available in store

Bonjour, i live in the beautiful province of Quebec in Canada.
The first reason for me to have this page is for one of my
hobbys: Collecting Kinder Surprise toys from Ferrero and
to have my lists available to other collectors.  For those
who want to know more about what are these toys,
just visit some links that i have on this page!


This 'copyright' eggman from Ferrero, was animate by me in early 1997.. :-)

Lists of my toys by year or else!

EURO: 2004/05 (C-toys)  -  2005/06 (S-toys)  -  2006/07 (2S-toys)  -  2007/08 (TT-toys)  -  2008/09 (NV-toys)  -  2009/10 (DE-toys)
K91 - K92 - K93 - K94 - K95 - K96 - K97 - K98 - K99 - K00 - K01 - K02 - K03 - K04
Hand-painted - Puzzles - Steckfigures - German Toys - Maxi - Recast 2000/2001

    Click here to receive editable checklists of the K91 to K04.   (.txt list) or (.xls list)

To write me in english or french, just send an  E-Mail  to:
P.S. I stopped collecting in 2010 but i left my web pages online for collectors who are looking for some informations.

June 2010: Canadian 2001 Collection begin to come out in Canada

I bought 1 tripack and inside i found 2 NV and 1 TT. Toy and warning leaflets are printed in Argentina.
I add a scan of that tripack on my pic page and repear those K91/k00 dead links inside my picture page.

* "MY" Older news until July 2001 :) *

  Scanning.. Scanning!.. Scanning!!.. 
Is it for you?.. or for me that this scanner is working.. :)   Wanted K-Toys!           To see photos of many of the K91 to K02 toys!   K-Toys Pictures Area       Votez pour mon site !

     Kaiyodo and...             Other collections

Furuta: Choco eggs from Japan   ( 210+)
Takara: Pet Series 5 (Last one!)   ( 150++) Some of the toys can be seen in a 3D way or in a 90░ view!
UHA: Dinotales 1-2-3-4   ( 86+) Some of the toys can be seen in a 3D way or in a 90░ view
Dydo: MIU Deep Sea Odyssey 1 & 2   ( 37+)
Horico: Penguin's lunch 1 & 2   ( 10+)
Coca-Cola: Jurassic Park 3   ( 13)
Glico: Aquatales 1-2 & 3   ( 84+)
Cadbury: Australian Yowie!   ( 30)
Yowie S:9: Forgotten Friends B!   ( 60)
Tombola: Crazy Zoo (Spain)   ( 42)
Tombola: Star Wars (1997)   ( 1)
Mondo: Figurines 1 & 2 (Australia)
UHA: Collect Club 1-2-3-4: Myth/Civilization  
Whitman's: Looney Tunes   ( 30+)

Some links around the     to other "Kinder" pages!

I have done at least 1 trade or else with them () since 1996!.. Done exchanges () before 2005 ! 

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Ferrero's Official Kinder Surprise web sites!
  Visit the international - Magic Kinder - web site!..  

  DE -Kinder ▄berraschung  - Germany
  DE -All Kinder Marke  - Germany
  IT -Kinder Sorpresa site  - Italy
  BR -Kinder Ovo Ferrero site  - Brazil
  FR -Kinder site  - France
  UK -Kinder Surprise  - United Kingdom
  CZ -Ferrero  - Czech Republic
  RU -Kinderino site  - Russia
  AR -Ferrero site  - Argentina
  MX -Ferrero site  - Mexique

Looking left, looking right!..   Some interesting links i have in my Bookmarks!   Deja vu perhaps.. Try one again!. :-)

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First online on January 1997...     Last real update: January 2013 (repairing some picture links!)  

P.S. -   Seeing an old UPDATE in one of my pages only mean that it was the "last" day that i add or remove toys
because of a trade or else and "nothing" new happens since that day.. :-)   (I don't like automatic date changer) :-)

This page is always under construction..