There is only 3 differents sets of "cats" with color variations!


Peoples ask me what are the variations for each set of cats that exist in Kinder Surprise.
This is how i see these variations.. The first 2 kinds of cats that come out in Europe were
from Italy with the Miaogizi and Germany with the Miezi cats.. Later, a third set of
cats come out in many country around the world. Since this third set was also available
in Canada, i will use the Cairo Cats's names to represent and describe this third set..

Other country's cats are the Pyramiao for some country in Europe, Miaugipcios
and Piramiau for Brazil, Faraomiao for Poland, etc... Look down this page
to see more set's name and cats's name.. All these other sets of cats are the
same as the Cairo Cats variation but with the possibilities for some of them
to have about 4 or 5 variations that come from the Miaogizi production.
I will not try here to explain the mixed up some country have, but just
to know about the 3 main set of cats variants is, i think, quite enough
to mount perfect sets.. Well, i have write only those of Piramiao.

To conclude, I hope this page will be of some help..

(and all other sets)

Green hat


Blue hat


Pink mark
on green hat

Memet El Scuptor

Like Cairo Cats


Blue bracelet


Green bracelet


Darker Green bracelet

Prekik El Futur

Like Cairo Cats

Tutanmangion I’

Red bracelet

Tut Sich Chef Nenn

Blue bracelet

King Tub

Pink bracelet

Tutantummy III

Like Cairo Cats

Asmira Spekiet

Light Blue scarf


Light Green scarf

Queen Cleo de Luxor

Pink scarf

Admira Mirror

Like Cairo Cats
some like Miaogizi

Medim Ah Pizza

Blue hat

Carlo Calzone

Green hat

Pizza Tut

Pink mark on blue hat

Pizza Pat

Like Cairo Cats

Fatik e Furbot

Green hat for Fatik
Blue hat for Furbot

Tut Echt Nix, Was

Blue hat for Was
Green hat for Nix

Hyro & Glyph

Same as Miaogizi but
Pink touch on the skirt

Pulleth, Pusheth

Like Cairo Cats


Bue mark on hat
Red-brown writing


Green mark on hat
Dark blue writing

Prof. Trickonometry

Pink mark on hat
Brown writing


Like Cairo Cats
some like Miaogizi

Mummiao Lisket

Blue fish

Phalsch Pherbunden

Green fish

Kit Khartoum

Red fish

Mummyaow Fishbone

Like Cairo Cats
some like Miaogizi

Bell Eh Mamma’

Brown chair
Beige base cradle


Red chair
Grey base cradle

Delta & Baby Niles

Very dark brown chair
Bronze base cradle

Huseth Bye Baby

Like Cairo Cats
some like Miaogizi

Topis E Miceth

Red shorts mouse

Miezi und Mausi

Green shorts mouse

Sribbles & Fig

Blue shorts mouse


Like Cairo Cats
some like Miaogizi

"Other sets" names with pink color variation:

PYRAMIAU: 1- Miangelo, 2- Nostramiaus, 3- Tutankamiao, 4- Cleocat, 5- Pyramipizza,
6- Carryme and Carryou, 7- Geometrik, 8- Mommiao, 9- Mamamiao, 10- Miao Jr. and Pyramouse
EGYPTOCHATS: 1- Sculptochatis, 2- Prêchi Prêcha, 3- Cha'raon 1er, 4- Chaôpatra, 5- Cha'cuibien,
6- Abou, Simbel, 7- Chapyrus, 8- Toutanchaton, 9- Améno mère & Fils, 10- Charubin & Râ
MIAUGIPCIOS: 1- Miaulangelo, 2- Nostragatus, 3- Tutangatus, 4- Cleogata, 5- Pizzamiaulo
6- Camelando and Zé Folgato, 7- Arquimedes, 8- Mumau, 9- Mamagipcia, 10- Mitzi and Mousy
PIRAMIAU: 1- Nicanor Escultor, 2- Nostragattus, 3- Tutangloton, 4- Cleo-Diva, 5- Piero Pizzero
Laburik and Piolix, 7- Tomas Compas, 8- Momiau Pescau, 9- Gina and Minina, 10- Michi and Fuz
: 1- Memet el Sculptor, 2- Magicus, 3- Tutanmiao, 4- Cleopatra, 5- Pizza Pat,
6- Fatigo and Turbot, 7- Geometrico, 8- Sarcofagus, 9- Mammamiao, 10- Topix and Felix
MIAUGIPCIOS: 1- Micholangelo, 2- Nostragatus, 3- Tutanglotón, 4- Cleo-mira, 5- Pizzamides
6- Jal-on y Flo-jon, 7- Geométricus, 8- Momiau Pescau, 9- Mam Amia y Mininoh, 10- Michi y Fuz
CAIRO CATS: 1- Ke'Oops, 2- I'See, 3- King Tub, 4- Queen Cleo de Luxor, 5- Pizza Tut,
6- Hyro & Glyph, 7- Prof. Trickonometry, 8- Kit Khartoum, 9- Delta & Baby Niles, 10- Sribbles & Fig
ÉGYPTO-CHATS: 1- Toutanchaton, 2- Izziz, 3- Pha'ronron, 4- La reine Cléo de Luxor, 5- Cha'pizza,
6- Hiéro et Glyphe, 7- Le Prof. Trigonométrik, 8- Kit Khartoum, 9- Delta et Bébé Nile, 10- Scribouille et Râ

If you know names of a set which i don't know, please let me know..

A Special thanks to all the peoples for their help, tips or info!!!

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