Welcome to my Kinder Surprise Pictures Area!

Pictures!   Peoples like pictures! :)   Will you find a picture of a K-toy that you miss? You'll see...

You won't find photos of all the K-toys here but i'm sure with time, this gallery will be interesting.
As more info, you will find here only pictures of the International or the Italian "K" number toys!
These toys can be find in many countries so they are more easy to find and to collect them! :)

Send your comments in "french" or "english" to: arkones@megacom.net

Last picture touch or update: April 2008
Well.. I only add photos of our last 3-pack.. ;-)

P.S. I done photos until the K04 only.. I can just say that i miss web storage to do more . :-)

Please note that the publicity on the right of my page is provide and choose by the "host", not me!!
This is their way now to keep my pages alive.. More provocative than those down or top banner :)
So, i have and you have to live with it for now.. :-)

Also, please note that some photos like in the K98 and years before naturally, were done with an old
b&w camera using a 3 primary color wheel!.. So the quality or color are not really good..
For sure in that time, it was fun to make them this way.. :-)

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