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November 2008: Canadian HP in Canada
HP status for Canada is the "Kung Fu Panda" collection..

September 2008: Canadian collection is out! :-)
I have bought only 3 tri-pack for the boxes. So, i can't say much about
if we will have a good series in a couple of months. What i find inside
these tri-pack was mainly 2S toys, S and TT toys. HP are "Funny Students"..

January 2008: Shrek 3 in Canadians eggs!
The 10 "Shrek 3" Movie collection are "easy" to find in our eggs this year.
About the "Simpsons" Movie collection. I hope they will be available in our "2009"
collection because this "TV show" is also quite popular in Canada. And if you really
want to get those Simpsons faster without trading. One of the good way is via "eBay"..

Enf of June 2007: Collection 2008 is out in Canada!
I saw them this morning in a big store so i bought 3 tri-pack for "fun"..
I find inside 2 "Mole Mission 2", 5 C-toys, 1 S-toy (baby fireman) and 1 WWF puzzle..
"Fast" analyze!.. We can find in our CDN eggs, 1 HP set and those nice WWF puzzles..
P.S. I begin to receive emails about if i can help with those WWF puzzles..
Unfortunately, like for the Monster Hotel puzzles, I can't help anyone.. Very Sorry!
As for why?   Still can't afford to buy hundreds of eggs just to help with 1 or even
2 sets of puzzles.. And well, i don't need anymore of those duplicates C-Toys.   ;-)

October 2006: (2S) Disney Cars toys are in Canada!
Yes, Lightning Mcqueen and his friends are now in Canadians Kinder eggs..
In 3-pack, these "2S" toys are mixed with 2 years old "C" toys.. Good move i guess,
by our Ferrero to find a few toys that are available in almost all normal countries.. :-)

September 2006: 2S toys in Europe!
They are out in Europe and there is some interesting toys.. Lucky them!
In Canada.. We are still 2 years in the past and we are recycling "C" toys. ;)
About me? Still not buying eggs since about 3 years and i lost some weight. :)

June 2006: New: Statcounter on my pages!
Since a couple of months, the Nedstats counter was very annoying with aggressive pop-up
that even bug some browsers out there..   So it is done and i'm now using Statcounter!.
Well, i hope all will go well with this new, hum, spy thing.. :)   Btw it's like an
holiday for me since it's been 10 years this month that i do or know K-toys..
So all my stats will now begin at "0" this month.. Good!!.. :-)

June 2006: Canadian collection of 2007 are out!
I buy a 3-pack box for fun and to make photos of the box and find 3 C-toys inside.
P.S. Plus some more recast from Argentina..

February 2006: More duplicates available for trade!
I just add in my lists about 600 duplicates toys from K97 to K03.
That include many german toys, Argentina toys from K01/K03 and "recast" toys..
Many thanks to L.D. for these toys!!!

News Nov/2005: Canadians eggs..
Just to say that i bought 2 eggs for fun and i find this time K04 with Argentina bpz.
So i am sure that for another year, i won't spend or invest too much in Canadian eggs.  :)
This mean also that i won't be able to help anyone with those CDN bpz of Motocoyote.

News Oct/2005: Canadians eggs.. Real K04 with Euro bpz (?)
Well, i buy a 3-pack for fun to see what inside and to make a scan for my picture
gallery and i find naturally a MotoCoyote in the box and 2 K04 toys with European
paper/bpz.. No more Argentinas bpz?.. Hum.. I won't rush to a store and
buy hundreds of eggs to see if toys have original K04.. :)

P.S. Sad news for Canada!.. A big Canadian collector stop collecting.. "Frostyfrog"..
All the best in what you do next..  Me!   I will try to do another year since Europe
have less new toys to offer because of all those second release C-toys..
Good for me since i still and won't collect all of those language papers. :)

For a more fun news.. Next Euro HP set is "Little Chicken"..

News May/2005: Next HP series..
A TV theme toys inside Euro kinder eggs.. Spongebob (Schwammkopf)..
Also heard about France's Manège Enchanté.. Another, more quiet children's theme.. :)
Well, well... I was more hoping for a Star Wars III theme instead.. Too bad.. hehe

News November/2004: Next 2005 series..
Another movie theme toys inside Euro kinder eggs.. After 3 years of LOTR,
Now with the Polar Xpress. For January 2005, we will have The incredibles.. :-)
P.S. Again.. I am happy about all Ferrero's doing in "Europe"..

News August/2004: About getting Canadian Cybertop BPZ from me?..
Many collectors ask me if i can help them with the Canadian Cybertop BPZ..
Very sorry to say that i can't help anyone. Well, i stop buying Canadians eggs for
some time now because i don't need or collect those 2nd edition toys from Argentine..
So for me to buy about 100 eggs and to be lucky enough to find 12 "different" papers
just for 1 collector..  I can't afford doing this, and surely not for SO many collectors! :-)

News July/2004: Next Handpainted in Europe
-=- Looney Tunes Olympic -=- Mole Mission -=- Royaume de la Rigolade -=- Doraemon -=-

News January/2004: Handpainted in Europe
Lord of the Ring 3 are in Germany's eggs and Motocoyotes are in many European countries..

News Sept/2003: Well, nothing new here!..
On my side, I am seeking mainly or only those K04 from Europe..
I miss about only 20 of them.. Most of my K96 to K00 can be trade.. (unless exception)
Fast.. My only other needs are the new HP that will come out in Germany or Italy!

News Mid-06/2003 (Part:2):   Well, well.. Argentine "K02" are NOW in Canada!! :-))
Brazilian know them since a couple of months but i have no time to ask or visit their pages to know
which K02 won't be find in our eggs because of those 12 or 15 German recasts.. But.. there is 1 good
innovation in "our" K02.  The paper description is "thicker"!  Good thing!..  But No! :) it's not because
i complain about that last year.  But sure with time i guess "they" have to listen to us a little bit.. :)
Paper that come with our K01 since last year were so thin that they tear just by looking at them. :-)
So this year i do give 1 good point to the Argentine's production. Well, at least for the BPZ quality!
News Mid-06/2003 (Part:1):   Well, well.. "Magicode" are NOW in Canada!! :-)
So it was just a question of time, not complaining :) But sure it is a good thing if they are now in our eggs
because i was close to tell here that soon i might have no more magicodes to give. (codes from Euro-eggs)
So now, more people will be able to try and send data to the magic-kinder web site.  End of discussion!! :-)
Btw, to promote magicode, eggs are now surround with a new and more colorfull wrapper!

P.S. Still no time to join my Canadian K01 list to the main K01 list. Summer time perhaps? :)
Hope to do it for September 2004. :-) It's surely only a few minutes of work but still no feeling to do it now.. :-)

News 06/2003:   Nothing of interest in Canada for now or as usual! :-)
Only may be that we are not suppose to get any Figurines in our the next, so called, 2004 Collection.
That reply to someone from Ferrero telling that childrens don't really like to find hand-painted in eggs
is fun to hear. :) Well, i guess our childrens also don't do internet so that's why no magicode here. :-)
Too bad, no eggs competition here. Seeing Ferrero giving so much to the Japan market is interesting!..

News 03/2003:   Great Maxi news in Canada!
Maxi toys related to Hand-Painted or Toons from K-toys are now in our Maxi eggs!  It is about time!!
Well, when i begin collecting in 1996, no way until today that our Ferrero give us some of these
more collectable Maxi like Europe always find in their Maxis.. Why today?  I don't mind! :-)
P.S. if ever someone buy some of them and like to tell me what they find.. Thanks!!..

News 02/2003:   The Cybertop conquer Europe!.. :)
This set of 12 ?hand? painted is available in many countries in Europe all at the same time..
The fun thing for expert collectors, is that there is at least 10 different languages paper.. :)
Well.. That mean, at least a minimum of 120 differents paper(bpz) to collect..   Some fun!! :)
Personally, i don't collect all other countrie's bpz. Just 1 original set of bpz, make me happy!..

News 01/2003:   MAGICODES in Australian's eggs?   Read the article!
Please.. I like to have some more information about this as if those Magicodes are
inserted inside the capsule in Argentina OR if the eggs/toys come from Europe..

News 11/2002 Magicode giveway!!   Why not since i get many of them from
European traders and i won't play with them. So i can give some codes to you instead of trashing them.. :)
So if you live outside Europe and no codes in your eggs or want to try the web site.
Just contact me on Yahoo messenger or by email and i will tell you at least "5" of those magicodes..
UpDate for January 2004: Still can give some of them on demand!

News 09/2002:   No big news.. except may be the K-anadian web site is update for the 2003!
UK news They have set of 10 (Yes, 10!) Angels and Devils. Same HP which Italy have now in their eggs.
Sure, not the same bpzs but at least a full 10 Hp/set instead of bad (fill an hole) set of only 8 hp! :)
Canada: No bad HP set this year like we have these last 2 years. So, another year of saving, i guess!
France: After the Fana recast, they have now only 8 of the 10 Lords of Rings. -Ferrero Germany- rules!!

My finding in our 2003 collection. :)   Enough to have a good idea of the Canadian 2003 collection!
More than 60% of our K01 have a new "sticker sheet" and see scans of some new ARGentina bpz.
See also scans of a 15x60cm sheet calender/checklist for 2003 and the other side a "mini poster"..

News 06/2002 and update:   The    2003 collection is out!
24 eggs boxes and 3-Pack are now available everywhere in Canada. Good news is that i think the
next 2004 collection will be mainly K02 since we have almost all the K01 except for about 7 of them..
More Info!   Another prize contest. Like you have to buy about 333 eggs to win 1 of the prize. :)

News 06/2002:   Is it the END of real HAND-painted figures?   Why not? :-)
Read this news from Norway to know how it will happens and concern for some collectors..

News 05/2002:   From New Zealand/Australia
Know what Ferrero Canada said to me 2 years ago when we find only half of the K00 and recast. :)
Well, the situation is about the same elsewhere where the eggs come from Argentina..
(Click here to read this little story!)
You can also visit Rowan's page for more info...

News 01/2002 - Visit the .. (with or without magicodes)
Codes are available only in European's eggs. So you won't find them in eggs if the EURO is not your money. :)
Yes, Ferrero take care of their European consumers in "doubling" their surprise as they say in the promotion.
P.S. For those who don't know, 1 magicode is like a lottery number.. It is good only for 1 play.. :-)

News (10/2001) - Argentina got the contract and provide now Australia and New Zealand with eggs.
So like here, same trick. 50% of the K01 with recast and for 2002/03 the other K01 and naturally recast..
It happens in Canada.. So even there, 'new' collector will buy too many eggs and some other, will stop!!
Who will be next in 2003?  All Europeen countries except "Germany" and possibly Italy. Just a guess! :-))
Some Update: Well.. Not really 50% K01 but more mixed K01,K00,K99 and 50% of "recast"..

INFO! (09/2001) - New "recast" toys (K95/K96) in Eastern Europe countries's eggs.  
(Look his news!)
Recast here, recast there..  Do you think that i am right to call them the Next Generation of toys.. :-)
Hey!! we have K00 in both America's eggs..  When 'they' will be recast or new K06? :-)  In 4 years!

                 Click to see a Scan of the poster! Size: 900x450 and 138K!
INFO: The 2002 Canadian Collection was out on July 2001! (See poster!)
July 2002, will end 2 years of finding K00 and Recast toys in our eggs..
It was for sure, 2 difficult years for new collectors in Canada..
I hope the next Canadian collection will be more easy to collect..

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