Great new collectible from Australia!!
(Automn 2000)

The Mars company have made some great figurines characters that represent history of the human race.. Each figurine come with an nice looking card that have on one side an art image and on the other side some facts or story of what the epoch.

Btw, the fun about these cards is that you have code which you can use at the web site. Each code bring a nice sound and voice story ("flash" technology) and you can go farther in the story if you have more codes of the same epoch.
You can also interact to have different story, etc..


UPDATE 2003:   No more flash and code access but
this series is really great with the addition of Series 2!
Just to say that the Series 2 was not available the same
way like Series 1..   Thanks to OZ Salvation Army :-)

Visit the to know more
information about each figurines..

Series One

P.S. Photos you see here were send to me and i think they come from the first Mondo page!

My Series "one" is complete with all cards..
DOUBLES:   I have no dupplicates..

Series TWO    

My collection complete (figurines)!  
-(Thanks Moreta for the last 4!)-

Possible Need:   4 cards!   No specific # for ASS2, ENG5, ENG7, IND2..

DOUBLES:   I have no dupplicates..

Last update: 14 May 2004

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