(Japan 2002)  
Produced by Kaiyodo
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Furuta: S1, S2, S3-A, S3-B, S4, S5, Classic, Pet-1, Pet-2, 'SP', Red DATA and DinoModels
Takara: S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, S11, Pet-3, Pet-4, Pet-5, Amazing Animals     UHA: Dinotales, Collect Club
Bottle Cap:  Penguin lunch  (1&2)  - MIU deep sea odyssey  (1&2)  - Aquatales  (1&2)  - Aquatales: Enoshima Aquarium

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01 -Life size: 3~3.5m
Tursiops truncatus


02 -Life size: 3m
Sphyrna lewini


03 -Life size: 9cm
Argonauta hians


04 -Life size: 4m
Xiphias gladius


05 -Life size: 3m
Mola mola


06 -Life size: 40cm
Ostracion cubicus

07 -Lide size: 1.2m
Katsuwonus pelamis

08 -Life size: 35cm
Cypselurus agoo agoo

09 -Life size: 1.2m
Epinephelus tukula

10 -Life size: 1.5m
Sphyraena barracuda


11 -Life size: 1.5m
Alectis ciliaris

12 -Life size: 1m
Carreta carreta

13 -Life Size: ???

Manta biristris  
Life size 6.8m
Diver: red, orange or purple!


Many Thanks to Macpo to give me the main set!!..

First online: 15 September 2002
Last update: 06 February 2003

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