- Furuta - Choco Eggs -
= Series 1 =

Produced by Kaiyodo


I don't know all the information about these nice paint figurines because i don't read the
language but i can say they are 10 times more collectable than any toys that come from a
plastic capsule. The quality is there and the company's seems to really care about that..
Good for collectors! These toys are now more and more popular outside Japan and i am
proud that i may have help a little for the promotion of these small pieces of Art!..

Furuta: S1, S2, S3-A, S3-B, S4, S5, Classic, Pet-1, Pet-2, 'SP', Red DATA and DinoModels
Takara: S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, S11, Pet-3, Pet-4, Pet-5, Amazing Animals     UHA: Dinotales, Collect Club
Bottle Cap:  Penguin lunch  (1&2)  - MIU deep sea odyssey  (1&2)  - Aquatales  (1&2)  - Aquatales: Enoshima Aquarium




01 - Japanese Monkey
Sc.nm: Macaca fuscata


02 - Japanese dormouse
Sc.nm: Glirulus japonicus


03 - Japanese crested ibis
Sc.nm: Nipponia nippon


04 - Japanese marten
Sc.nm: Martes melampus m...




05 - Japanese giant salamander
: Andrias japonicus


06 - Japanese thais butterfly
: Luehdorfia japonica


07 - Reeve s pond turtle
Sc.nm: Chinemys reevesii


08 - Japanese hare
Sc.nm: Lepus brachyurus




09 - Common kingfisher
Sc.nm: Alcedo atthis


10 - Japanese rhinoceros beetle
Sc.nm: Allomyrina dichotoma


11 - Japanese serow
Sc.nm: Capricornis crispus


12 - Ricefish
Sc.nm: Oryzias latipes




13 - Red fox
Sc.nm: Vulpes vulpes japonica


14 - Giant black stag
Sc.nm: Dorcus curvidens


15 - Okinawa tree agamid
Sc.nm: Japalura polygonata p...


16 - Great Jap. shrew-mole
Sc.nm: Urotrichus talpoides




17 - Finless porpoise
Sc.nm: Neophocaena phocaenoides


18 - Japanese tree frog
Sc.nm: Hyla japonica


19 - Iriomote cat
Sc.nm: Felis iriomotensis


20 - Ribbon seal
Sc.nm: Histrio Phoca fasciata




21 - Narcissus flycatcher
Sc.nm: Ficedula narcissina


22 - Frilled shark
Sc.nm: Chlamydosel. anguineus


23 - Tufted puffin
Sc.nm: Lunda cirrhata


24 -Three-spined stickleback
Sc.nm: Gasterosteus aculeatus

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