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Summer/Fall 2010

  • Litter is born on December 20
  • Mouvement Canin Québécois, Oct. 23, 2010
  • Specialty Club Epagneul du Québec, Sept. 2010
  • Sophie had her first litter August 8
  • Lanaudiere Melody #1 IN CANADA IN AGILITY!!!!
  • Watson is American Champion!!!!!!
  • Melody begins conformation class.
  • Sophie was bred with Macho.
  • The dog shows will be in slowed down during summer.

Litter is born December 20
Maude had a litter of 5. Unfortunately a female did not survive. Buddy fathered this new litter, we therefore have one female and three males all in superb health.

Mouvement Canin Québécois, Saturday, October 23, 2010
Thalie (Ch Lanaudière Secret Charm) handled by Camille, did an amazing job by winning 3 placements in Group 1 during the week end. With judge Kristen Francis, Thalie was group 2nd, with judge Wendy Paquette she came in group 3rd and finally group lst with judge Richard Paquette on Sunday, October 24, 2010. Thank you Camille , well done! You looked so good in Best in Show.
Melody (Ch Lanaudière Charming Melody) also won a few points, best female twice, Melody still needs a little practice, she was running on 2 legs but we are confident that she will progress, she has so much fun in the ring. Sincere thanks to the Baril family, owner of Melody , doing a great job!
Macho, our papillon, also participated, no points were available for him. He is more and more confident in the ring, should do great next year. I love this little Macho so much!

Best opposite sex, Specialty Club Epagneul du Québec, September 2010
Our beautiful Thalie! Was back in the competition after a long intermission. Her wonderful coat is full length again, she had been clipped in November 2009, it takes a good year to grow back.

Violette (Ch Lanaudière Eagle Charm) best reproductive bitch, Specialty Club Epagneul du Québec, Sept. 2010
Violette handled by Camille returns to the competition. Her two daughters Thalie, 2 years old and Melody, 7 months represent the best of our kennel Lanaudière through their mother Violette. Next season, Violette will be occasionally presented in the veteran class (7 years old or more) by Camille.


Sophie had her first litter August 8

A first with this race, for Sophie our papillon female and for us. In this litter of 3, only a female survived, she is black and white, may be a pitch of tan. After a difficult beginning, the little female is fine and healthy and our Sophie has finally developped a maternal instinct.



Lanaudiere Melody NUMBER 1 IN CANADA IN AGILITY FOR 2009!!!!

Congratulation to team Caroline Dugal and Melody who worked hard to obtain the mention of Best american cocker spaniel in Canada in agility for the year 2009. Lanaudière Melody CGN, AgX, is ten years old and want to continue to compete as long as she will be able to do.




Watson is American Champion!!!!!!

Congratulations to Mrs Sandy St-John of Kesa's cockers in Florida for her new American Champion Lanaudiere's Kesa's Hawkeye, "Watson".
The day of it's last 5 points major.



Melody begins conformation class.
An other Violette's daugther will hit the ring soon, Lanaudière Charming Melody. Thank you to Marc Baril family's for the time which they will indeed want to invest so that Melody is to its best.

Sophie was bred with Macho.
We wait for our first litter of papillons by the beginning of August. Follow the news of Sophie here.

The dog shows will be in slowed down during summer.
We will be back in the ring little later towards the end of the summer.