Matis: born February 9th, 2009

OFA patella: Normal (PA-PA817/13M/P-VPI)
OFA EYES: PA-EYE60/87M-PI (2016)
DNA PRA_1, PA-PRA47/63M-VPI-CAR (carrier)
CHIC# 92326

Sire: BPIS Ch Arkeno's Kris Angel "Minder"
Dam: Ch Sunshoo Imahot Chocolate Gleniren (GB) "Cadbury"
Breeder: Mrs Karen Shiels, Manitoba,  Canisphere

Matis arrived here at Lanaudiere in the Spring of 2009. This young puppy literally bewitched us; he is funny, affectionate and well behaved. With Matis, we discover and love the Papillon breed. Matis was first shown in New Brunswick in August 2009. He made a few points and he finished quickly early in May 2010. Mrs Sandra Lex gave him a Group 2nd for 5 points and Mr. Doug Windsor a Group 3rd for 4 points. Matis attitude in the ring was so great. Matis envoute really all people which meets him.