We choose our breeding couples in order to produce dogs that, as much as possible, conform to the standard of the breed, while at the same time exhibit good physical and mental condition.

Not all the puppies in a litter are necessarily potential show dogs, so we make a selection when they are eight weeks old. Selections are based on physical criteria, attitude and temperament.

The puppies not chosen for show are sold to suitably qualified families for adoption. All the puppies that become pets must be sterilized as soon as possible to ensure that they are not bred or abused.

The Papillon makes an excellent family pet. They know how to be gentle and affectionate when you want them to be yet can be more fun and playful when it's time to play. On the other hand, when they ask to be stroked lovingly, most of us find it hard to refuse.

The Papillon will adapt easily to your lifestyle and is equally at home in the city or in the country. The city dog will have to be walked everyday but dogs living in the country or in the suburbs are happy in an enclosed yard.

If you wish, you may contact us to find out the conditions of sale and the availability of our puppies and young adult dogs. Sometimes, we could even be looking for a good home for one of our older dogs.