My name is Sylvie D'Amboise and I welcome you to LANAUDIÈRE kennel. We are located in the province of Quebec (Canada) in farmland area near a small village north of Montreal, approximately an hour drive from the city. We began raising cockers in 1988. Our breeding is aimed at developing subjects who are physically and mentally well balanced. Each of our dogs was presented in the show rings with the aim of obtaining a certificate of championship from the Canadian Kennel Club. Since we started in 1988, we produced 30 championships with American cockers plus 4 dogs with Lanaudiere's affix in obedience, agility and flyball.

We are no longer bred American Cockers since fall 2011. If you look for breeder's references in Canada, go to this website:

The necessity for frequent grooming for an American cocker to be shown resulted in physical problems that force me to abandon this passion that was mine for so many years. Time has come for me to turn toward another breed with less maintenance but equally exciting - the papillon.





Recently, in 2009, our canine family has expanded with the addition of this new breed, the papillon. It is a small breed, wash and wear type, they are steady and obedient, a very charming and friendly little dog. Not very well known in Quebec, we will promote this exceptional dog with the same passion as we did for the cocker, with a high-quality and selective breeding.

Follow me toward this new passion ... the wonderful papillon, with the beautiful butterfly-like ears.


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