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Ch. Lanaudière Sherlock Holmes

Roméo: born December 24, 1998/December 06, 2011
OFA: Good

As everyone was getting ready to celebrate Christmas, I noticed that Sugar was showing signs of giving birth. She had her litter of six beautiful puppies on the night of 23-24 December. What a lovely Christmas present and Roméo was one of them.

Roméo is a male dog having that very solid build much sought after as a standard of the breed. Blessed with a very calm look with no trace of timidness. He has a beautiful thick, silky coat, which is easy to maintain. The color of his nose and around his eyes is very dark. Had his show debut in the autumn of 1999 and finished the following spring in Ottawa with Mr Francisco Chapa.

Those dogs are Buddy champion's babies:

#1. BPIS Ch Lanaudière Sahara (Can Ch. 2002) "Sarah"
#2. BPIS Ch Lanaudière Maud Bellamy (Can Ch. 2007) "Maude"
#3. Ch. Brandys Blond Beautiful N Brok (2008) "Lira"
#4. Am Ch. Brandys N HiTrails Dare Eye NAJ NF "Katia"