Shalligy Shelties
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I will start with my mistress Ginette Plouffe. Since her youth, she always lived with animals. In her home there were always two or three dogs. She developed a big interest for these living beings.

In 1984, she and her husband, Bertrand Coutu, bought their first house. Having two children at this time, she wanted them to know the real pleasure of living with a dog. She then acquired a Bouvier des Flandres dog called " Rocky ". Not having all the knowledge on dog education she took in 1986 obedience courses. Because of Rocky's beauty, she also followed conformation courses with Mr. Dubois, to be able to present him at shows.

But Rocky and Ginette preferred to improve at obedience and to get titles. They got the title of C.D. (Companion Dog). After two years of course, she was hired as assistant professor, to become then specialized professor for puppies 3 to 6 months. All this beautiful experience lasted 10 years thereabouts, in the School 195+ of Joliette that saw an average of 350 dogs per year.

At the time of graduating at obedience, dogs who were the best were often the Shetland Sheepdogs. Then after the premature death of Rocky, in 1993 she decided have a Shetland sheepdog. And that was naturally me and I didn't disappoint her. WOUF! WOUF! WOUF!
She was charmed by my fidelity, my big capacity of training and to perform. The interest for my breed -full of charm, dignity and distinction- became quickly a passion.

Right now my mistress is very active in conformation with my descendants. In addition to specialize in this breed, she does grooming part-time at the veterinary clinic.

Let's speak a little of Shalligy.

The name Shalligy is often wrongly pronounced and I am going to explain you how it was choosen. My mistress wanted to honor me and decided to put my name, Shally, and she wanted to include a little about her and added the first two letters of her name "Gi": that is Shalligy. You should pronounces it "Shalli-jee" but not Shalliguy.

Shalligy is located in St-Thomas of Joliette about 80 km North of Montreal Downtown. We live in this township for 1984 that was once recognized as the tobacco capital of Canada.
We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club (C.K.C.), the Canadian Collie and Shetland Sheepdog Association (CC&SSA) as well as the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association (CSSA).

Members of the Association Professionnelle des Éleveurs et des Éducateurs Canins du Québec

Our goal is toward physically and mentally correct dogs. Each of our dogs undergoes health tests before reproducing.

· Hips X-rays (OFA)
· Eyes exam (DERF)
· Thyroid Test (blood analysis)
· Test Vwd,,,

For their comfort some of our studs are placed with families. It is very important for my mistress that everybody receives all the love and attention we need. She only think of our well-being. WOUF! WOUF! WOUF!