Shalligy's Angelica Wendy (6pts)

8 month

BIS, BISS, BPIS Ch. Shelhaven Shalligy Safari x Ch Laureate Shakira
Thyroid and eyes: Normal
Hips excellents
vWD Clear Parentage

"Wendy" lives in family with Pierre-Luc Guertin.
Thank you for all the good care and the love that you give him.

---------------------------------------------- Am Ch. Macdega Sausalito, ROM
===============Am/Can Ch. Cindahope Trademark ROMC
----------------------------------------------BISS Am Ch. Cindahope Designer Jean
========BIS, BISS, BPIS Am/Can/Fcc Ch. Shelhaven Shalligy Safari
----------------------------------------------Am/Can Ch. Krystalyn A Moment In Time
===============Ch. Shelhaven Sunnyseas Symphonie
----------------------------------------------Ch. Sunnyseas Interlude Shelhaven, CD
Shalligy's Angelica Wendy (6pts)
----------------------------------------------BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Santana, ROMC
===============Ch. Laureate Maverick
----------------------------------------------Ch. Laureate Espresso
======== Ch. Laureate Shakira
----------------------------------------------Am. Ch. Macdega Sausalito, ROM
===============Laureate Tiramisu
----------------------------------------------BIS/BISS/BPIS Ch. Laureate City Angel