Shalligy'S Betty Boop
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Betty, Melby et BabyLet's speak of an another of my granddaughter. She is nothing less then Betty Boop. The only resemblance with Betty Boop from the comic strip, is her charm because she is potentially a charmer and has lots of energy. And believe me, I know something of it, because she ran after me more then once

This small girl stayed with us until the age of eight months. Her departure made a certain emptiness since she put a lot of life in the house. Today, she lives with a family where there is a small girl of fifteen months, Élisabeth, that became her best friend. One doesn't move without the other. She shares all her meals with Betty. A gulp for her, a gulp for Betty, a gulp for her, a gulp for Betty...

Élisabeth et Betty They are going often together for long walks. Élisabeth sat in the stroller holding Betty's leash with her small hand. And Betty follows her attentively. Élisabeth's mother is very astute, if there is a place she cannot bring Betty, she put her in the stroller, at the rear of her girl, and people are so amused. The favorite game for Élisabeth is to hit the ball so that Betty catches it and brings it back to her. In spite of a weak rate of success, because of Élisabeth age, Betty has fun a lot. She is very patient. When it is relaxation time, Betty likes to lie down on the floor, and Élisabeth comes next to her to cuddle, pushing her head against her body.

Melby, Betty, Baby et Anouska When Élisabeth takes her bath, with her mom's help, Betty get settled close to them and look at them with attention. Every evening, when she goes to bed, Betty kisses Élisabeth. Betty's mistress says that she is very quiet and faithful. Her favorite hobby in the evening, is to just to sit and stay calm while Élisabeth's mother is patting her. When the people come to the house... she charms them. In spite of her small size, she guards the house. She guards her territory without fear. If you ever meet her, you can greet her of my behalf, as I don't have the opportunity to see her often.

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Shalligy's Betty Boop
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