Our females
This is the list of some of my girlfriends.
I invite you to see our pretty girls:

Ch. Classy's Lady Jazz
BPIS Ch. Shalligy's Beach Baby (Baby)
Shalligy's Betty Boop (Betty)
Ch. Shalligy Lady Penelope (Lady)
Shalligy's Lovely Starlight (Lovely)
Camry Majestic Misti (Misti)
Ch Laureate Shakira (Shakira)
BPIG, Ch Shalligy's Diamond Pearl (Diamond)
Shalligy's Déesse Calypso (Calypso)
Ch Shalligy's Destiny Child (Destiny)
Shalligy's Angelica Wendy (Wendy) 6pts
BPIS, Ch Shalligy's Brittany (Brittany)
Fcc/Can Ch Shalligy's Fancy Star ( Florentine)
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