Ch. Shalligy's Lady Penelope

BISS Ch Classy's Mid Summer Night Dream X Ch. Classy's Lady Jazz

vWD Clear
Eyes and Thyroid Clear
hips Good
Let's speak of my adorable doll... Lady Penelope.Lady dodo

She is my rising sun. Lady is very expressive, jolly, cordial and maternal. She adores to be taken like a baby and to be kissed. In the morning just after the alarm clock, she make sure her mistress is wakened up while licking her eyes. She has a small thin face that gives her a teasing and mischievous look. These beautiful hazel eyes emanate a sweetness to stun us. Her bewitching calmness incites old and young to come closer and to caress her. She seems to be fragile and robust. One doesn't get tired of seeing her run as her charming body ensues a supreme ingenuousness. She participates at the domestic activities with a deep and spontaneous understanding. Very obedient, one can make her entirely trustfull.

She is enthusiastic and jolly, when you are enthusiastic and jolly; discreet, when you are busy; Worry, when you are sick or sad.


----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Fourwinds Light The Way, ROM
===============Seacliff Specials Effects
----------------------------------------------Seacliff Limited Edition
========BISS Ch. Classy's Mid Summer Night Dream
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Fourwinds Light The Way, ROM
===============Am Ch. Bertlin Double Trouble
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Donka Dreams Are Me
Ch. Shalligy's Lady Penelope
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Benayr Here Comes Trouble, ROM
===============Am Ch. Benayr Mark My Word
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Benayr Make My Day, ROM
========CH. Classy's Lady Jazz
----------------------------------------------Am/Can/Jap Ch. Alfenloch Ryan O'Neil, ROM ROMC
===============Am/Can Ch. Silverdrift's Shadow Dancin
----------------------------------------------Ch Silverdrift's California Dreamin