Ch. Classy's Lady Jazz

AM CH Benayr Mark My Word X AM/CAN CH Silverdrift's Shadow Dancin
Shally is taking a rest, so I am going to speak a little about her.
I introduce myself, I am Ginette, her mistress.
By a beautiful winter afternoon we received our much awaited Shetland Sheepdog. It took about one year and half before she was delivered to us but it was worth the wait. Shally babyShe was very beautiful. Already as a puppy, she followed us everywhere. I enjoyed taking her in my arms and she liked it. We learned a lot with Shally because we observed her behavior attentively. Her personality is magnificent. She likes to play a lot with children. Easy temperament, she adjusts very well to every situation. Her only problem is that she adores human and will starts howling when left alone in a room. She greets everybody. ShallyShe likes when people stop and caress her. However she is very selective with regard to dogs because she doesn't want them too near.
She began her career in obedience at the age of four months. She possesses an exceptional ability to learn. We tried conformation shows later. In spite of my lack of experience in grooming for the Show, she finished her Canadian championship. She has a beautiful neck. Today, I know that I didn't present her to her just value.
I do not try to have a front runner, but this type of Shetland has a special place in my heart.Shally et Blues The marking on her face gives an exotic look. Shally is very elegant with her beautiful mahogany coat. The blending of this color is fantastic. I like her because she gives herself with a generosity that seems without limit. She is an excellent mother who produced enthusiastic temperaments. But every day I marveled - one could say that I am dazzled literally - by the miracle of Shally. An angel full of a quick intelligence.
Thank you, Shally, for this happiness.

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