Ch. Shalligy's Merry Gimly
Second puppy Shelties 2004

9 month

11 weeks

BIS, BISS, BPIS Ch. Shelhaven Shalligy Safari x Ch. Shalligy's Lady Penelope

Gimly made four times the cote with the great Canadian National 2004 under respected breeder judge Charlotte McGowan.
This is a great honour.
Thank you Charlotte McGowan.
Gimly life in family with Domique, Jean-luc and Émile without forgotten his friend the Jules.
Thank you with this great family for the good care given to Gimly

---------------------------------------------- Am Ch. Macdega Sausalito, ROM
===============Am/Can Ch. Cindahope Trademark ROMC
----------------------------------------------BISS Am Ch. Cindahope Designer Jean
========BIS, BISS, BPIS Am/Can/Fcc Ch. Shelhaven Shalligy Safari
----------------------------------------------Am/Can Ch. Krystalyn A Moment In Time
===============Ch. Shelhaven Sunnyseas Symphonie
----------------------------------------------Ch. Sunnyseas Interlude Shelhaven, CD
BPIS Ch. Shalligy's Merry Gimly
----------------------------------------------Seacliff Specials Effect
===============BISS Ch. Classy's Mid Summer Night Dream
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Bertlin Double Trouble
======== Ch. Shalligy's Lady Penelope
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Benayr Mark My Word
===============Ch. Classy's Lady Jazz
----------------------------------------------Am/Can Ch Silverdrift's Shadow Dancin