Ch. Shalligy's Broadway Blues
BISS Ch Classy's Mid Summer Night Dream X CH Classy's Lady Jazz

Blues I would like to bring to your attention that Blues got his Canadian Championship at Thetford Mines, may 1999. Congratulations my boy, I am proud of you. Wouf! Wouf! Wouf!

At first, Blues is no different then others Shetlands. He is a proud dog but timid and needing time to known you. He is not timid with his family members!!! He howls (a happy howls) and his tail is flying. He has his own "language" that needs to be understood to share his friendship.

Generally discreet, he can be found laying under a table or near the sofa. But with others, he has a fierce look, funny and attrack attention of others. He can be very playfull but never dominant.

Blues and the Gang Quite the opposite, he is a natural charmer, and a listener asking just to please. He is extremely obedient is you have carrots or little pieces of bread as treats!.

Nevertheless, his yapping can be insisting as he want to play or his natural suspicion to change. Wouf! Wouf! Wouf!

At last, he is a loyal companion in harmony with other animals. He is a discreet "melody" (after all his name is BLUES) and he is unique in the life of Isabelle and Sébastien.

They both agree that there is "Folk" in his gait, "Jazz" in his step and "Blues" in his stare...

Blues life in family with Sebastien, France and Vincent.
Thank you for the good care given to Blues

----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Fourwinds Light The Way, ROM
===============Seacliff Specials Effects
----------------------------------------------Seacliff Limited Edition
========BISS Ch. Classy's Mid Summer Night Dream
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Fourwinds Light The Way, ROM
===============Am Ch. Bertlin Double Trouble
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Donka Dreams Are Me
Ch. Shalligy's Broadway Blues
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Benayr Here Comes Trouble, ROM
===============Am Ch. Benayr Mark My Word
----------------------------------------------Am Ch. Benayr Make My Day, ROM
========CH. Classy's Lady Jazz
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