CH Shalligy's Marvelous Gumby

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Gumby, Group 4th!!! On march 14 1997, I gave birth to 2 puppies: one of them a very healthy male named Marvellous Gumby. And he is marvelous in so many ways. He finished his Canadian Championship in 2 week ends with 2 Group 4th!!!

He stayed with me for the first 5 months of his life, and one day a family came to see him. A father, a mother and a baby (the human kind) named Alexandre. He too was 5 months old. I knew in my mother's heart that Gumby was to live the best moment of his life. The best gift for a puppy isn't to be the best friend of a small boy? I saw him leave happy for his future.

Gumby and Alexandre It has been already 2 years since Gumby left the house, and know that his life is full of joy. I am very proud of him, and after all, he is marvelous! And I do listen to all the joy he brings to his new family.
First of all, he is passionate about Alexandre. They are like old friends and love to play, run, hide and seek... They are always the last to come in the house: it is much more interesting outside! Patient, easy, playful and waggish he is the dream dog for a kid.

Gumby and Alexandre Sometimes his natural herding instinct comes up... and takes seriously his job even if he has only one sheep: Alexandre of course! With only a few yapping he warns him not to go to the forest or the street. And if his "sheep" doesn't listen, he does not hesitate to guard him from danger!. At night, when Alexandre is sleeping in his room, Gumby sleeps near his door on the look out. When his best friend is sound asleep he then goes to relax with his parents. He adores to cuddle. His adopted family just loves him dearly. He is a loyal and faithful dog to his family.

Gumby, like all my kids has an gorgeous coat, but most of all his heart is full of tenderness toward Alexandre and his parents. As a mother, I am proud of him and could not ask more...

Gumby life in family with Nicole, Pierre and Alexandre.
Thank you for the good care given to Gumby

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Ch. Shalligy's Marvelous Gumby
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