Ch. Shalligy's Paradise Island,CD

BISS Ch Classy's Mid Summer Night Dream X CH Classy's Lady Jazz

Paradise, my son!My son « Paradise Island » can be distinguished from his brothers and sisters by the white line going from his muzzle up to the skull. As a baby, this line inspired an island which became his name. A poetic name... but believe me Paradise is worthy of his name as he suggests harmony and poetry. His beauty and sensibility made him quickly a Champion. At 10 months old he was Best of Winners the Dollard Des Ormeaux Specialty.

Paradise, very proud! Paradise was the first one to leave for a family. My mistress is making sure that all my babies have the nicest home. At 9 months old he left home! I was worried a little when my boy left, but knew that his new family (with 3 kids) was the right choice.Paradise, working hard!

Slowly Paradise adapted easily to his new home. When I see him (as I always keep in touch with all my kids) he was telling me how strange things are: once while the children were playing outside, he had a hard time getting them all together... he had never seen so difficult sheeps!!! And his new mistress could not just understand the important work I am doing! Finally, Paradise had to hide his animal instinct to gather the sheeps. So, he invested his energy to follow his masters while jogging, playing with the kids, playing soccer, skateboard, bicycle... At night he was proud to see all the work he was doing during the day, as he was seeing every family members to bed. So... he thought that humans are like sheeps except that instead of gathering them outside, he was gathering them under a roof. Ancestral instinct...

Paradise Physically, Paradise looks like me. Nice mahogany coat. His white collar and the spectacular white line give him and undisputable charm. He likes to be admired and patted. He likes his pictures from the Poils Cie. magazine and also his "start" appearance in an episode of Lassie. But beyond his outside appearance he has an inner beauty, worrying about every members of his family. He understand, cheer up and is an excellent listener. He as that sixth sense that I gave to all my babies, as well as my exceptional temperament, making them excellent house pet.



Paradise life in family with Mario, Ginette and their three children without forgotten his friend the cat.
Thank you with this great family for the good care given to Paradise


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Ch. Shalligy's Paradise Island
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