Shalligy Blue Moon Shadow
December 25,1995 / March 13, 2006
BIS/BPIS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Laredo, ROMC X Ch Classy's Lady Jazz

Shadow! Now is the time to talk about my first experience as a mother.

Can you imagine that I had to wait until december 25th to give my first baby! Yes only one and it was a boy. In spite of all the difficulties at birth, my owners took care of him to evaluate his health and his well being.

Within a few weeks my owner look at him with deep emotion, such that an intense bond established between them. In honor of a song from Cat Stevens, he was named «Blue Moon Shadow Dancing».

Shadow at the back of the house! By chance, as time went on, Shadow was interested by a certain "dancing shadow" at the back of the courtyard. This shadow was made by the courtyard's light as my owners was moving left and right. His favorite game is to follow the light of a flash-light onto the ceiling. the wall or the floor. Because this frivolous interest, Shadow quickly learn to spin, like a peg-top.

At a young age, Shadow took the leadership within his peers. At dawn, his instinct told him to gather the herd: he is the last to enter the house as he look all over the ground to make sure that his flock is in the house. Shadow and The Gang

He is very active, playful and demonstrative. I can tell you that Shadow is a real charmer and devoted to his human friend.

To finish this short description, Shadow is unique. Everyday, Shadow and his owner are one.



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