BPISS Shelhaven Top Sail



10 semaines

7 semaines

Am Ch Carloway Coronado x BIS BISS BPIS Am/Can Ch Laureate City Angel ROMC

Éleveur: Karen and Robert Henley

Je tiens à remercier Karen and Bob pour ce mâle fantastique.



Ch. Jade Mist Beyond Tradition, ROM ROMC
Ch. Willow Cove's Wild Card
Willow Cove's RevelationI
Ch. Carloway Coronado
Am/Can Ch Bertlin Top Gun II, ROMC
Ch. Voyager Carloway By the Sea
Wiltshire's Iron Lady
Shelhaven ?
Am/Can Ch. Kylene Cindahope Town Cryer, ROM
Am Ch. Ozark Crest City Slicker, ROM
Am Ch. Ozark Crest Abracadabra, ROM
BIS BISS BPIS Ch. Laureate City Angel
BISS Am Ch. Macdega Malibu, ROM
BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Gabrielle
Am/Can Ch. Krystalyn Just An Illusion, ROM, ROMC